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“Make sure your people, packaging and paperwork are in compliance

Hazardous Material Compliance is focused on customers’ needs.

Our operation is built on the premise of providing quick, convenient, dependable and efficient service to help ensure you meet your shipping obligations.

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Tech-Reinforced Hazmat Support

Eco-friendly, cost-effective, and on-demand communication- technology is embedded in each part of our operations, allowing for optimized workflows and real-world solutions.

Go Hazmat Hub can provide you with additional points of direction for your entire 3PL chain.

Responsive &
On-Demand Shipping

As a tech-enabled facility, Go Hazmat Hub utilizes the latest in technology to provide eco-friendly & cost-effective operations and services. IoT, cross-platform syncing, GPS live tracking, and API’s are just the start of our digital abilities.

Learn more about our in-house technologies and how can it benefit your business by contacting us directly at Info@GoHazmatHub.io.


How much are Hazmat rates?

Within the hazmat freight market, shipping rates and charges can be influenced by the type of hazardous material, price of fuel, the weather, holidays, as well as global and local politics.

If your hazmat cargo is located in South Florida, consider our close proximity to Port of Miami and Port Everglades. We’re able to pull containers quickly and efficiently using our on-demand asset-based fleet. Our Hazmat 3PL experts can take care of all your hazardous material today.

Start by requesting a quote and our Hazmat 3PL experts will take it from there.



Go Hazmat Hub is an asset-based 3PL company. We can help your business with digital solutions, effective storage, shipping services, and operational compliance, all within South Florida.

Hazmat training is part of what this hub has to offer. Our courses provide comprehensive lessons containing the latest information regarding shipping of dangerous goods.

These training programs consist of interactive exercises and quizzes to facilitate compliance with regulatory training requirements.

Certified instructors with years of experience in the hazmat shipping industry developed the training content and monitor constant changes in the regulations to provide updated training.

We specialize in hazmat courses for shippers, freight forwarders as well as for anyone employees that perform functions involving the hazardous material regulations (HMR).


Find more than just ROI focused services & data-driven insights, Go Hazmat Hub provides both on-site & online training seminars, helping individuals & organizations become compliant.

Each member of our team is certified & undergoes annual 3PL exams to ensure quality of service.


TSA, hazmat, and safety certified staff operate all sides of our 3PL warehouse, ensuring safe and productive workflows.

All our employees are cross-trained allowing for on-demand customer service and oriented with a safety-first mindset providing a safe work area.


Real-time tracking, IoT capabilities, fast notifications via geo-fences. Go Hazmat Hub incorporates technology into every part of its operations, passing our savings directly to our clients. Technology-enabled 3PL transparency can be found here.


Our locations are monitored with on-site security detail(s) and a myriad of technology, all of our public storage facilities are secure from all the elements.

Real-time updates occur with accuracy and precision from hazmat certified staff.


Our locations are equipped to storage for items requiring specific temperatures.

Investing in technology allows Go Hazmat Hub to provide these solutions, such as dry ice storage, in an eco-friendly & cost-friendly manner.


Go Hazmat Hub uses GoHazHub as a single point of contact, reference, billing and more for our client’s on-demand needs.

Integrating verticals and other platforms provide a clean, hassle-free 3PL hazmat services.


Our mobile ready team can guide you along the entire shipping dangerous goods process; on-site hazmat documentation, company-wide training classes, general shipping questions- you name it!

Go Hazmat Hub provides the exact and safe methodology your cargo legally requires.


Our services are designed to come straight to you- our OSHA certified staff members will arrive on-site to help with your hazmat labeling, dangerous goods checklist, dangerous goods compliance, and more.

We understand that these types of services usually arise in a case of emergency; each member of our team will guide you along the entire process to alleviate stress.


Flexible floor plans allow us to quickly and effectively adjust our warehouse space to match your unique hazmat cargo. Racks, support beams, and fencing are modular and complement each other allowing for customized private and public storage options.

Our dedicated hazmat location is separate and contains its own dedicated security system.

3PL News

The latest news in the Hazmat industry, covering a wide range of industry-related topics.

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