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🧊 Sublimation!

Dry ice isn’t your average ice. This solid CO2 superstar chills at a bone-chilling -78.5°C! The coolest part? It skips the liquid phase entirely, transforming directly from solid to gas (sublimation).

This unique property makes dry ice ideal for a variety of tasks:

  • Keeping perishables fresh during shipping (think perfectly chilled seafood!)
  • Creating dramatic special effects (think smoky clouds on stage!)

GoHazmat offers reliable dry ice solutions to keep your stuff cool and your operations smooth.

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No matter your cooling needs, GoHazmat has the perfect dry ice solution! We offer a variety of options to keep your shipments fresh, your processes efficient, and even add a touch of drama:

  • Solid Blocks: Ideal for extended storage, ensuring your perishables stay perfectly chilled.
  • Dry Ice Pellets: Perfect for targeted freezing in medical and culinary applications.
  • Gel Packs: Maintain consistent temperature control for added peace of mind.
  • Blasting Services: Our eco-friendly cleaning option removes dirt and grime without harsh chemicals.

GoHazmat guarantees quality and dependability in every product. We cater to diverse industries, so you can be sure we have the right dry ice solution for you.

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Need dry ice fast? Look no further than GoHazmat! We’re your local quickest dry ice delivery service, getting your order to you within the hour. And for a limited time, enjoy FREE delivery in South Florida! GoHazmat ensures a hassle-free cold chain, keeping your temperature-sensitive products perfectly chilled. Experience the GoHazmat difference and establish a reliable partner for all your dry ice needs.


Need solid blocks for long-term freezing? We’ve got them. Looking for precise temperature control with fine pellets? Check. Even specialized blasting solutions and gel packs for steady cooling are part of our comprehensive inventory. With GoHazmat, you’ll always have the right dry ice solution on hand.


Need Dry Ice Done Right? GoHazmat’s years of experience translate into a deep understanding of your specific needs. Whether you require high-quality blocks for long-term freezing, precise temperature control with fine pellets, or something more specialized, GoHazmat has the knowledge and resources to ensure your dry ice needs are met with the utmost reliability.


Skip the wait! GoHazmat’s online ordering system makes getting dry ice a breeze. Our user-friendly platform lets you place orders quickly and efficiently, while real-time tracking keeps you informed every step of the way. No more wondering where your dry ice is – with GoHazmat, you have complete peace of mind knowing your order will arrive on time and ready to keep things cool.

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